Hello, my name is William Diaz, I am from El Salvador, a passionate for the technology, I got a System Engineer degree in 2014, also a big supporter of free software, I co-founded the biggest community of free software in El Salvador in 2010 SLSV (I am not active in the community), and this is my personal blog. You will found content about technology and tutorials; I try to share my experience with different things, mostly topics about UNIX systems and Linux, I hope you find this blog useful.


I have a semi-professional camera and other video stuff, so I thought will be fun to start doing videos for YouTube so this is my channel WilliamDiaz, programming is not only my work but also one of my hobbies because it relaxing sometimes and other of my hobbies right now is read books and play video games.

And of course, this blog, when I have time to write something that can help to other people because I think it is interesting and useful I do small tutorials and share my thoughts and vision of the life.


Nowadays I work for Joystick Interactive, is a digital agency in NY, and my job is in the advertising area, developing creatives for different platforms and different clients.

I will start a new Virtual Reality company this year (2019), I hope to post more information in my blog soon.

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