Cusca 2.0 - Ghost theme

Cusca 2.0 - Ghost theme

I am happy to announce a new Cusca version, the first version was released in 2017 and this is a big release, completely rewritten.

The previous version still works for Ghost 1.0 and it also work for version 2.0, you will see some warnings in the installation because it does not support for 2.0.


These are the libraries used in this version:

You can note some libraries are different, now all the theme is MIT and the libraries are also MIT or compatible with it.

All the libraries are up to date. I tried to no broke the previous theme version, but font awesome released a new version with a free and a paid version, that breaks the previous theme, is the only library I think that can cause problems if you are coming from the previous Cusca version.


Since the theme was completely rewritten it uses new technologies, here are some differences and similitudes from the previous version:

  • Webpack is the new module bundler to work with the theme, previously it was using Gulp.
  • Typescript is used for Javascript.
  • Sass still as the preprocessor for CSS.
  • All the source code is inside the src folder and the destination folder is assets.

There are 4 commands that you can use to work with the theme:

  • npm run dev to compile files in development.
  • npm run start for live development.
  • npm run build:prod to build a production environment.
  • npm run test to test the theme with gscan.

I am still learning some of the technologies used in this theme so I will be releasing revisions to improve the code.

Download and setup

All the versions are available in Github. You will find the last release with the previous theme versions.


You also will found instructions for the setup in the README file in Github.

Support me

You can support this project or my other projects with a comment or click on the Star my project in Github and also can support me with money on PayPal or Patreon.