Cusca v2.0.2

Here is a new small release of my ghost theme Cusca, with some improvements and updates.

From this release you need to compile the theme for every small release from now using Webpack, the reason is that now it is using the new Ghost API v2.

Here is the list of some of the updates.

  • Cleaner code (unused lines of code removed, some refactoring).
  • Libraries updates.
  • New Ghost search client for Ghost API v2 implemented.
  • Instructions updated (README).
  • UglifyJs replaced with Terser.

The most important update is that now you need to generate keys for the search client. To generate the key you need to follow these instructions:

  • Go in your Ghost's dashboard -> Integrations -> Add custom integration.
  • Set a name: Themes Search.
  • Get the Content API Key and replace the demo key with this one.
  • Do the same with the API URL


As always the download link for this and future releases is on Github.