Cusca v2.0.2

Here is a new small release of my ghost theme Cusca, with some improvements and updates. From this release you need to compile the theme for every small release from now using Webpack,

Cusca 2.0 - Ghost theme

Cusca 2.0 - Ghost theme

I am happy to announce a new Cusca version, the first version was released in 2017 and this is a big release, completely rewritten. The previous version still works for Ghost 1.0

Cusca v0.0.4

This version only includes two changes: Changelog New Foundation version 6.4.3 All the tags are displayed ordered by name. Download:

Cusca v0.0.3

This version includes fixes and small style improvements. Changelog New Foundation version 6.4.2 New Search library GhostBot ( Disqus fix. Download:

Cusca v0.0.2

Today I'm releasing a new version of my Ghost theme, there are big changes for this release. Changelog: Support for Ghost 1.0 (not more support for old Ghost version, you can use

Cusca a theme for Ghost

Cusca a theme for Ghost

A theme for Ghost. It is my blog theme and it looks little different because I using a different font. Github Project What that mean cusca? Is the abbreviation for Cuscatlán, it was